Rachael’s Veggie Delights

Although we love to shout it from the rooftops that our Hoots Snacks are the perfect go to option for snacking on the go, we’ve recently discovered what great canapés they make as well!! Whether they are topped with smoked salmon and dill or simply dipped into a homemade red pepper hummus, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy these multigrain bread based bites.

We teamed up with a bunch of very talented foodie bloggers to further explore the versatility of Hoots and created some brilliantly inspiring recipes. Continue reading for a roundup of delicious recipes and find our bloggers details so you can follow their creative social media channels.

Rachael’s Veggie Delights

Orzo Primavera – Lightly sautéed spring vegetables with a huge handful of freshly chopped Italian herbs, a sprinkle of nooch and a generous handful of Hoots Snacks

Vegetarian canapés include; 1. Sundried tomato & pepper bruschetta stuffed with basil and parmesan 2. Cream cheese & jalapeno jelly and finally 3. Quorn sausage and wholegrain mustard.

Vegan canapés include; 1. Hummus, roast squash, pickled jalapeno and cress 2. Tomato & chilli chutney with vegan sausage, dill pickle and green olive and finally 3. Mushroom and black bean pate with red onion and roast plum tomato guacamole.

Smoked bacon bite-sized Hoots; the perfect garnish for homemade Tuscan Tomato and 3 Bean soup.

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